Increasing brand engagement in Social Media

The conceptualization, design and implementation of a campaign in social media is always a challenge. Conveying the values of the brand, winning the hearts of their followers, and generating emotions was the goal of the campaign “La calle de mis abuelos” (The street where my grandparents live.).

Together with the client and the audiovisual production company BSV Producción, we developed the campaign strategy for social media. From the concept of the creative idea, through the audiovisual production and WEB Development & UX Design to its launch.

The campaign achieved the outreach needed to obtain high ratios of engagement and identification of the brand’s campaign with the target audience. The campaign had a high impact on social media by increasing brand awareness.





  • Strategic Consulting
  • Conversion Design
  • Web development

Increased Engagement

Creating a bond between the user and the brand using emotions and increasing their participation

diseño ux

Improved Usability

Developing a solution that allows the customer to interact with the brand.


Increased Brand Awareness

Maximizing the reach and impact of the campaign by increasing brand recognition.

WEB Development & UX Design

The development of a solution that would allow the client to interact with the brand and achieve an emotional bond with the public was our goal.

In order to convey the values of the brand through the campaign and achieve the objectives of reach and engagement, we jointly developed a graphic solution through the landing page of the campaign.

The communication of the campaign through the landing page provided a different graphic aesthetic value that helped to transform each point of contact on the page into an experience that strengthened the bonds between the brand and the users.

The improvement of the user experience through a UX Design process, combined with an optimization for the conversion of the landing page, reinforced the campaign’s engagement, increasing user participation and campaign outreach.

Transformation of each contact point on the landing page in a unique experience for the user.

Conceptualization, design and implementation of a social media campaign.

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