Designing new online strategies for the brand

During our collaboration with “El Circuit” we jointly developed a Blended Marketing digital campaign strategy for various events, with the aim of achieving greater reach, dissemination and conversion of sales in combination with other campaigns in off-line media.





  • Strategic Consulting
  • Online Marketing
  • Conversion Design

Reach with millions of impressions

Dissemination of the campaign through millions of impressions and thousands of clicks and qualified leads.


Conversion achievement

Increasing direct and indirect sales by optimizing online campaigns.


CRO optimization

Improvement of usability and conversion rate through testing tools.


Campaign objective: increase the outreach and dissemination of the different events

In order to do this, we jointly defined the objectives of the campaign, supported by a media plan segmented by customer typology through the study of web analytics data.

We developed Performance Marketing campaigns through different media, including Google Adwords and Facebook, combining search strategies with display and retargeting.

As a result of the campaigns, we obtained a high dissemination of the events, reaching millions of impressions and thousands of clicks. We also increased the conversion rate, gaining direct and indirect sales on their website.

Increasing the CTR of graphic ads thanks to our joint collaboration in the design of the campaign’s graphic material.


potential clients were reached through different PPC strategies.

Unique conversion-oriented shopping experience

Our challenge was to raise the conversion rate through a unique shopping experience for the customer. To do so, we carried out a conversion rate optimization (CRO) in all its phases: analysis of the initial situation, hypothesis formulation, creation of A / B tests and continuous improvement.

As a result, we managed to improve user experience (UX) on the landing page by increasing the conversion rate and increasing direct sales through the online platform.

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