Shadow banning
Digital marketingSpecialized marketing

What is shadow banning and how to avoid it

You may have heard in recent months about a new phenomenon that affects some users of certain social networks, shadow banning. Even you may be…
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Cargos en marketing digital
Digital marketing

Positions in digital marketing: What do they mean and what does each one does?

With the evolution of technology, new advertising forms and the constant increase in the use of social networks and anglicisms too, there are more and…
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AVO & App Indexing: Más allá del ASO
Digital marketingSpecialized marketing

AVO & App Indexing: Beyond the ASO

AVO (App Visibility Optimization) is the union of two concepts widely used today. On the one hand, the ASO (App Store Optimization) and on the…
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Novedades en Google My Business
Digital marketingSEO

News on Google My Business

In this post, we will talk about the latest news Google has implemented in one of its preferred tools: Google My Business. A long time…
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influencers burbuja marketing
Social networks

Influencers: Marketing bubble?

Would the hotel give me a free room in exchange for an Instagram post? Given its 87,000 followers, the influencer and full-time blogger Elle Darby…
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Ranking BrandZ
Digital marketingeCommerce

BrandZ Ranking: Which are the best-rated brands in the world?

Amazon is already the most valuable brand in the world. Last week the BrandZ ™ new data top 100 rankings of the most valued brands…
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Marketing Automation
CRODigital marketing

Databases and Marketing Automation: How to get the most out of them

Marketing automation is the use of digital tools (software) to perform marketing actions in an automated way. This can be applied to campaigns automation, data…
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Nueva búsqueda Google móvil

The new look of Google search results on mobile

The giant Google continues to make changes, and this time, it has fallen to the look of the results page when the search is done…
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Digital marketingSocial networks

Millennials, Z generation and other generations in marketing

Millennials, Generation X, Y or Z, baby boomers... Knowing how to identify the different generations is essential to be able to apply a marketing strategy…
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aumentar conversiones web
CRODigital marketing

Increase conversions on your website, the CRO secret

In today's post, we are going to talk about the conversion’s optimization on the web. The first is to know what kind of conversion we…
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