Increasing sales in the direct channel of RH Hotels

The RH Hotels chain has hotels throughout the Valencian Community. RH Bayren Hotel & SPA in Gandía or the RH Don Carlos Hotel in Peñíscola being among their flagship hotels, the chain offers a different experience to their clients.

Designing a unique digital experience for the client of RH Hotels is our mission as a means to achieve their direct booking objectives, thus differentiating them from the competition.





  • Conversion UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Digital marketing

Higher sales in direct channels

Implementation of a wide range of digital solutions to achieve the goal.


Conversion rate increase

Development of a unique experience through advanced Web Analytics combined with the use of segments and A / B tests.


Loyalty building

Loyalty campaigns based on advanced data analysis and customer behavior thanks to the new opportunities provided by this environment.


Design and implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

Multiconversion helped design and implement a new comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Increasing sales through direct channels

Since 2014, when Rh Hotels decided to invest in the digital channel, we have been helping the group to implement its digital strategy from the beginning. We designed their action plan, implemented it and carried out follow-up and continuous improvement actions.

Together we have managed to increase the group’s turnover in the direct channel by developing a wide range of digital strategies through PPC campaigns, programmatic advertising, automated email marketing, Search Engine Optimization and strategies for the personalization of the user experience.

Client analysis with different Buyer Persona and the identification of the different phases in Customer Journey were key in the development of the entire digital strategy. The personalization of a strategy for each client type led to an increase in sales, improving the return on investment.

Providing each client with a unique experience through visual tools

Facilitating client communication through direct channels


A unique experience in the direct channel

The graphic conceptualization of the visual tools through the Visual Design Consulting of the corporate website as individual microsites for each hotel of the chain has allowed the chain to offer a unique experience, differentiating itself from the competition.

As a result of the implementation of the Visual Experience strategy, both direct booking by new users and loyalty of the existing users were increased, continuously supported by incremental improvements through the Performance Design process.

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