5 tips for choosing the right domain

You have had the bright idea of starting a new business with something that, for years, you have been thinking and profiling in your mind. Ultimately embarked on the adventure, you decide to give it the maximum visibility possible by making the brand known through the internet. You start thinking about the web, and the first question appears: what name do you choose for your domain?

The domain choice is not an easy decision since there are many factors you should consider:

1. Make the brand the protagonist

The brand name must appear more than mandatory in the domain. It will be your site hallmark, for the brand image, it gives the user much more security.

2. Perform a keyword research

In addition to the brand, you can strengthen the domain with a keyword helping the site positioning, especially at the beginning. It is not something essential, but from the SEO point of view, it can help you a lot. If you don’t know where to start, conducting a thorough keyword search can help you clear up any doubts. Even so, avoid falling into trends, since keywords can have many searches at a specific time and not be so in the long term.

Elegir un buen dominio

3. .com or .es?

The domain extension is one of the most common doubts. The .es is a top-level domain in Spain and is intended to be used on websites whose users are geolocated in Spain. Therefore, this is the first question you should ask yourself. If there is a possibility that your audience is in other countries or you think that in the future it could be, the best option is a .com

4. As brief and easy as possible

It should be as short as possible, easy to pronounce and memorise. If you are combining words, you should avoid that the last letter of one is the first letter of the next, since this usually creates confusion. In addition, you cannot use prohibited symbols or characters such as ~ $ € () [],; :. ¿? !, Or letters like “ñ” or “ç”. As they say, sometimes the shorter, the better.

5. If your brand name is still hard to remember, we give you a solution:

In the beginning, big brands like Kukuxumusu or Flickr had severe problems for people to memorise how to write them. It is something that is solved with time. With the help of Google it is possible to overcome this difficulty when the brand is gaining authority. Since if we write it wrong, it gives us the correction and the results are equally shown.

Even so, when Flickr was born, before it was known and Google detected it as such, they lost traffic because many users wrote flicker.com. Before this situation, they decided to buy the domain flicker.com and redirect it to flickr.com.

As you can see, many mistakes can be made when choosing the domain. Therefore, our best advice is that you dedicate time and meditate very well on all options. Remember, your domain must clearly tell the user and the search engines everything your business can offer them.


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