Top 10 extensions for SEO professionals

Since Google Chrome came out, the creation of extensions for the web browser began to be promoted. Little by little it has taken on more volume and we can find very interesting applications to improve our productivity and to improve the way we work. In this post we tell you the 10 best SEO tools that you can easily install in your web browser.

First we want to introduce you to the extensions of the most famous SEO tools, among them we highlight the MOZ bar and Ahrefs toolbar:

Moz Bar

This extension will help us to know the authority of our page and our domain quickly. You can create a free account and log into it. This application can help you in your backlink strategy, since you can use it on any website you are browsing to know its authority and see if it is of interest to your project. Or even to clean low-quality links.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

This tool is more complete than the previous one in terms of the information it provides us on our website. It is capable of doing a very complete analysis of SEO On Page data, such as 404 errors, page titles, metadata and information about the backlinks. In addition, it allows you to export all this information so that you can analyze it in more detail. The downside of this is that you need a license once the trial period ends. You can see the prices here.

SEO MC (1)

Apart from these 2 tools we would like to share with you other alternatives that also provide you with a lot of information about your website and that can help you in your SEO strategy and in researching the competition.


As you can see in the image, this tool provides you with a lot of information that you can also complete connected to your SEMRush account to have more data on your backlinks or traffic analysis. In this application you can see the basic information of the page such as titles, see an SEO On Page audit with tips to improve results and also information on the density of keywords on the page to check how well written the texts are or if you should make some correction. Best of all, you can have all this information for free.

SEO MC (2)


We recommend this tool for when you want to quickly see what keyword is being used on a specific page of a website and to clearly see the entire structure of titles that there is. This comes in handy for when you want to do an analysis to see what words the competition is working on and be able to get new ideas or improve their structure. This tool also allows you to analyze the images to know if you have left a blank title or alt and see the internal links and the anchor text of these.

SEO MC (3)

Other SEO tools

After the presentation of these first extensions to know the SEO status of your websites, we present you with other tools that allow you to analyze more technical parts of SEO such as structured data, your website code or the Google SERP.

Structured Data Testing Tool

With this extension you can quickly and easily verify the structured data implemented on your website pages.

Keyword Surfer

In this case, the extension provides us with information on the same Google page. When conducting a search, you will be able to see in each result, the number of times that keyword appears on the page, the length of the contents and an estimate of the traffic. It can even give you ideas related to the keyword you are looking for.

SEO MC (4)

Check My Links

This extension will allow you to conscientiously analyze the links on your website to check if there are any error. Thus be able to work on a strong internal and external linking strategy without failures.


This extension allows you to see the evolution of a keyword in the Google SERPs, after making the query in the search engine you will be able to see the number of position you occupy and if there has been any variation.

Tag Assistant

The main thing in all digital marketing work is the measurement, for this we will talk about this extension. With it you will be able to check that all the Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Tag manager codes are well implemented and thus correct any errors to have perfect all the data analysis of your website.

AMP Validator

Last but not least we bring you an extension to verify if the configuration of your AMP page is well done. Remember that if this is not done very carefully and correctly, you can have duplicate content problems in Google robots and your website can be penalized in the search results.


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