7 curiosities of Tik Tok: The social network of the Z generation

The social network of the moment (with permission from Instagram) managed to exceed last October in the number of downloads to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. It is mainly based on the concept of short videos with various effects and background music, spontaneous and based on naturalness (although the “posture” component does not stop disappearing).

With more than 1.5 billion downloads and 500 million monthly active users, this social network of Chinese origin goes far beyond what is seen with the naked eye. Today we want to tell you some curiosities and data that perhaps you did not know and that goes beyond its functionalities. Keep reading!

1. Asian origin

The original name of the application is Douyin and “shake the music” in Chinese. However, outside its borders, it is called the Tik Tok, which is reminiscent of the sound of clock hands and some users relate to the format of its content (videos lasting 3 and 15 seconds)..

2. Limited security

It is striking that this social App originates from one of the countries with the most limitations at the media level. After the application boom, the United States Army prohibited their soldiers from downloading the App for fear they could access their personal data. Subsequently, the Army had to face a fine of $ 5.7 million issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), for illegally capturing personal data of its minor users. Furthermore, in countries such as India, Indonesia and Bangladesh it has already had to deal with temporary vetoes.

3. Controversial censorship

Both Facebook and Instagram have censorship mechanisms against sensitive content or spam, among others. Blocks that are sometimes controversial because they do not always seem to follow a “human” logic. In the case of Tik Tok, the network blocked videos denouncing the violation of human rights in China, mainly in the province of Xinjiang, where the ethnic Uighur population is the victim of mass incarceration..

4. Líder en India

More than a third of the population of this country uses the application, followed by China (country of origin of the application) and the United States. Translated into more than 75 languages, it is present in 150 markets and its main target is young people under the age of 30, concentrating 20% of its audience in the age group of 13 to 19 years.

5. “Mom, I want to be a TikToker.”

Like YouTube with YouTubers, the social network has its own influencers, which accumulate millions of fans, ranking Loren Gray top 1, with 34.7 million followers. Something surprising when you consider that you don’t need to follow anyone to watch interesting videos. You just must go to the “Trends” section to start enjoying the content created by the youngest.

6. The new tool for influencers

Tik Tok has become one more tool that allows influencers to work with brands, showing their collaborations in a less intrusive way and with more “real” content. Among its main values are the visual experience of products and the power of interaction through promotion.

7. Millennial advertising

To advertise your brand or that of your clients on this social network, you need to know it is not within everyone’s reach. In fact, to create an account, you must fill out a form with your company details and a Tik Tok representative will contact you within 48 hours.

On the other hand, and despite the high number of users, the average CPM is $ 10, with a daily investment recommendation of $ 50.

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