Advantages of using the Social Login

For all those who do not know what the social login means, we will explain to you what it means. A social login is a registration form allowing users to use the identity already created in any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram avoiding completing a long and tedious form.

From the user’s point of view, it is perfect! Why waste time completing a new form if there is an option not to do so? Also, it avoids remembering so many usernames and passwords which end up being very impractical.

According to the ‘Annual Study of Social Networks 2019’ of IAB Spain, in our country, 85% of Internet users between 16 and 65 use social networks, with Facebook being the best known and used. Why not taking advantage of this data?

However, with the social login, the user’s privacy is once again in the spotlight. Most of them are unaware that, with this registration form, they consent to their personal data being used by companies. An opportunity that companies take to offer, in a much more segmented and personalized way, to each client, the product that best suits their tastes and needs.

social login

Therefore, what advantages can you find in social login for your business? We are telling you below:

  • Improvement of the UX (user experience): Facilitating and speeding up the registration process makes the user feel comfortable not tending to run away. With the forms, the% bounce increases considerably. You have to offer the easiest and fastest way.
  • As we have mentioned before, the data volume you can collect from your users is infinite. You can build a precious database allowing you to segment all your audiences very well. Sex, age, tastes, hobbies, marital status and even all locations the user has registered. It is interesting, Isn’t it? There are different tools such as Xeerpa allowing you to manage all your audiences. A powerful software collecting data in a ‘data like’ organised in more than 350 categories and, although not stored, allows integration with a CRM or any compatible application.
  • Concerning the above, the users achieved are potential customers much more valuable than the rest. There is evidence that the time spent on the web is much longer and they are much more active. Besides, any e-mailing campaign is much more effective.

However, not all are benefits. More and more users are aware of what social login implies and prefer not to use it. Even, it gives rise to confusion, since they may not remember that at the beginning they registered in that way. And now when they try to log in in the usual way, end up leaving the web out of frustration.

Despite this, social login still has many more advantages than disadvantages. The possibilities are endless, so we recommend that you install it in your business and take advantage of all it can bring you.


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