Eco marketing , green marketing What it is and how to apply it

Eco marketing, green marketing. What it is and how to apply it

Do you have a recycling program at your agency? Do you use LED spotlights? Do you buy environmentally friendly office supplies? All these actions are ecological and are part of the eco marketing, although not entirely.

When talking about environmentalism, products with a single “ecological” quality are not sought, but rather are many factors to be considered. A vegan product is not organic, but a vegan product, of sustainable cultivation, brand new and with a recycled container can be.

Origin & Definition

The  Green Marketing source dates to the beginning of the 90s when a tremendous social conscience began to originate for taking more care of the environment. The AMA (American Marketing Association ) defines Green Marketing as “the products’ development and marketing  designed to minimise the negative effects to the physical environment, or to improve their quality. “The organisations’“efforts for producing, promoting, packaging and claim products sensitive or responsive to ecological concerns” are also highlighted.

However, marketing is not left alone in the products. The Green Marketing Company defines Green Marketing as “those promotional activities aimed at taking advantage of a consumer’s attitude changes over a brand. These changes are influenced by policies and practices that affect the quality of the environment and reflect the level of their concern for the community.

In summary, we can define Green Marketing as the advertising practices generated by brands to improve the environment, with the aim of adding a competitive advantage and a change in consumer perception of the brand, demonstrating that they care about the environment.

  1. What is it for you to be “green”?

The word ‘green’ means different things to each person. For some, it could refer to producing their products with solar energy or recycled materials; for others, simply that a part of their sales goes to finance projects that take care of the environment as we talked about before.

Therefore, the important thing is to define to what extent you are going to make your techniques, your way of working or the product of your client meet the eco- friendly demands of consumers, always speaking with sincerity and transparency about what points are met.

2. Ecomarketing without an eco-product

Promoting your business as a green company is a good idea … if your customers are interested in the subject. Never assume that everyone will love you for the simple fact of having eco-friendly practices or trying to sell an eco-product to users who do not value that issue. The green marketing goes far beyond the products zero water or zero waste.

  1. Use green media

You cannot promote yourself as an ecological company if you use brochures, posters or any other channel that requires paper or energy expenditure. Choose the appropriate media (for example, digital) and if you are going to do some promotion using materials, remember to do it with recycled or recyclable.

  1. Be transparent

Also, currently, transparency is critical. That is why it is vitally important that companies that promote themselves as green operate daily with sustainable practices and communicate it to their users as a differential value.

  1. Use your strengths

In these moments of significant social awareness, organic products based on a good market study, have won a large portion of the market. Therefore, if your product meets these characteristics, it is time to exploit them. Communicate them correctly and most importantly, connect with the right audience.

Green Marketing has always been the subject of controversy and has generated various debates. However, it is time to reinvent ourselves. And with that, we do not mean to redefine the marketing bases that remain virtually intact since they were created but  applying marketing to the responsibility of companies with the environment and with citizens, adapting us to new times and new needs.

Clients, the target audience and the consumer in general, want committed, supportive brands that care about helping people and taking care of the environment. The brands and companies that will grow and endure will be those that are able to commit to their environment. We can help you get it. Do we speak about?


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