The 7 recent most relevant Instagram news

IGTV, musical Stories, videochat … During the last weeks, numerous Instagram news have been announced that have revolutionized the worldwide Social Media scene.

Although Facebook is still the social networks queen, according to the latest IAB Spain annual study on social networks, published in June of this year, Instagram is the fourth most used social network by users, second only to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and it continues attracting followers far above the rest.

In addition to being one of the social networks has grown the most in recent years, Instagram stands out for listening to its users and launching more and more new features and functionalities to try to maximize its experience within the platform.

Do you know what have been the 7 most important Instagram news of the last weeks? Below, we reveal you all the details.

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IGTV: One of the most acclaimed Instagram news

Only a few days ago we know about the new Instagram video platform, IGTV, and from the moment of its launch, besides being a big surprise, it has generated many questions, such as: should I choose between my channel from IGTV or my channel from YouTube? Do I publish my video stories in both spaces? Through which tool do I manage IGTV?

First, we will say that IGTV is completely different from Instagram Stories. While the stories are made to tell briefly, both in images and videos, what we need to transmit, IGTV offers the user and, of course, the brand, the possibility of uploading 15-seconds videos or extending up to one hour (of done, very soon this limit will be extended, and we will be able to upload contents lasting several hours).

Although the videos can be viewed from the Instagram app and from the computer (the channel is registered from the computer and then operated from the app), IGTV has an ad-hoc app, allowing uploading videos, although they can also be uploaded from the computer.

“IGTV is the new Instagram video platform that offers the brand a higher probability of viewing

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The idea is that IGTV will serve as a new platform to share audio-visual content in vertical format, perfectly compatible with YouTube, such as webinars, videos of frequently asked questions, tutorials, presentations, events, etc.

Oh! The videos can also be embedded (like YouTube) and shared with links, in Stories or through direct message. And each time you cast one, your followers will receive a notification alerting them you have uploaded new content, so the chances of seeing it are much higher.

The option to share, also in Stories

The Stories, the small pills of information, increasingly addictive and entertaining, can now be shared. If, for example, we own a restaurant and a user publishes his experience in his Stories and mentions us (important), we can now share it in our own Stories, returning the mention to the user and thanking him for his visit.

Buy through Stories … It’s already possible!

We have been tagging our products in Instagram posts for a short time, but … the developers have given this functionality a new spin of the page and have also derived it to Stories. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Instagram already allows you to tag products and access your purchase from Stories. When will the purchases arrive without leaving Instagram? Surely very soon!

Book-up, make an appointment … New call-to-action buttons

As on Facebook, Instagram now allows you to add a call-to-action button in the profile of restaurants, clinics, etc. through different providers such as El Tenedor or Booksy. Undoubtedly, a great tool to offer the user more and more facilities when it comes to scheduling their appointments.

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Hum-hum-hum: Musical Stories

One of the favourite Instagram novelties for those who live with music 24 hours a day: Musical Stories! Choose your favourite song from the list and share it or select your song, record a video and cut out your favourite part before sharing the content: an authentic music video.

Direct messaging in video and in group

As if it were a Skype call, it is now easier to connect with Instagram contacts through video chats, both between two people and in a group. Keeping up was never so easy!

When you’ve read everything and “You’re up to date.”

And finally, just a few days ago, Instagram announced its latest innovation: when the user has finished seeing all the updates (of the last two days) of the people and brands he/she follows, the message “You are up-dated” to inform you have nothing new to see.

“With the “You’re up to date” feature we’ll know when we’ve finished seeing all the news about the people and brands we’re following”

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