Latest Facebook changes that you cannot miss

Facebook has already launched some of the improvements it had been announcing for some time.

Among them, deletion of various metrics to make the reading of the campaigns results more useful, privacy as a priority and its new optimisation system of the video campaigns stand out.

How to measure the relevance of advertising campaigns

Since April 30, Facebook has changed its system to measure the ads’ relevance, expanding some of the metrics and redeeming others. These are some of the ones that you should take more into account:

  • Quality classification: the perceived advertisement quality is compared with that of ads competing for the same audience.
  • Classification of the conversion rate: the ad expected conversion rate is compared with that of the ads that had the same optimization objective and competed for the same audience.
  • Classification of the interaction percentage: the ad expected interaction percentage is compared with that of the ads competing for the same audience.
  • Saved ads and average cost: Facebook will replace these metrics with a new measure that “will serve as a more complete metric to measure when the ads are saved”. A fact that surely brings great value, as they already do the likes, comments and number of times content is shared.
  • ROAS in mobile application- ROAS and web: From now on, the return data of investment in Facebook advertising will be added for all channels. Previously, Facebook’s ROAS metrics were channel specific (i.e. mobile, web, on Facebook). However, omnichannel is now given more weight, understanding conversions as the sum of the results of several channels.
  • Message answers and cost per message response: Facebook is replacing these metrics with “New message connections” and “Message conversations started”.
Cambios Facebook

Goodbye to more than 20 metrics

With the aim of eliminating redundant results, Facebook says goodbye to numerous metrics such as daily spending, clicks on the button, actions, people performing actions, cost for any action, percentage of time of component of Canvas, conversion value of the actions in the mobile application and some less known such as mentions to the page, the cost per page mention, visits to the tabs of the page or positive and negative feedbacks.

Privacy as a priority

Private messages and Stories are currently the preferred media for users. This makes privacy in social networks more critical every day and leads users to be more cautious in their activity and reluctant to maintain a permanent record of their previous publications. This does not imply that Facebook’s security is compromised, but measures are announced that will make Facebook every day more private, close and alike to WhatsApp.

Some of the measures predicted are those of including end-to-end encryption in all its messaging services to avoid the messages´ content can be read. On the other hand, the ephemeral content takes more weight, and it is suggested that this may affect photographs, status updates and even private messages.

Potential scope based on the last 30 days

If previously it was calculated based on the number of total active users per month on Facebook, now it will only include people who were shown an ad on Facebook in the last 30 days.

A change that comes as a demand from advertisers who requested an estimate closer to the actual results they see in the performance of the campaigns.

cambios facebook seguridad

Every day closer to WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled his unique inbox for companies, with which page managers can answer faster and easier Instagram Direct messages, as well as Messenger interactions, in one place: in the Facebook inbox business pages. In this way, it takes the first step towards the unification of its messaging tools.

In addition to gaining preference over its rivals in the commercial messaging market (which continues growing), Facebook could strengthen its growing advertising business integrated into Messenger with this movement.

Welcome to ThruPlay

The new system with which to optimize video campaigns on Facebook is now available on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. A new system for optimizing and buying video ads where advertisers will pay only for ads that have been played at least 15 seconds or in full. Available both for the traffic target and for range and frequency.

As of July 31, ThruPlay ads and 2-second video views will be the only available options for video campaigns and will be charged when a video ad plays up to 97% or after 15 seconds which occurs first.

Undoubtedly, many changes and improvements that we hope will have a truly positive effect on advertisers’ campaigns.

If you want to keep up to date with all this news, do not forget to visit our blog.


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