Multiconversion as an ROI Agency

Today we want to explain you our work methodology so you can get to know us a little better. As indicated by our name: Multiconversion ROI Agency, our philosophy is based on digital strategies creation allowing us to obtain the highest return for our clients.

To achieve this milestone, it is not only relevant to think carefully about the strategy according to the client’s characteristics and his target audience. To reach these results in our company we understand that the measurement and analysis have the same importance since they allow optimizing to the maximum all the actions carried out and, thus, increase the conversions with the minimum budget.

Google Tag Manager: One of our key tools

Our essential and central tool is Google Tag Manager. I suppose you’ve already heard about this excellent tag implementation tool. We recommend you use it, both for customers whose goal is the leads achievement and especially for large companies requiring a strategy with several phases (traffic, recruitment and dynamic remarketing). Also, it is a tool you can use in all web types you have, whether they are built in code or through tools such as Magento, Prestashop or WordPress, among others.

Most tools helping to implement the necessary codes, to track in the most profound way the visit of web users, they come prepared with quick integrations through the import or direct creation of all variables, labels and activators.

Google Tag Manager

Once configured the tools to track users and their behaviour on the web, we proceed to the report’s creation that will allow us to optimize campaigns, increasing investment in the actions that are the best working and improving or deactivating the worst performing parts are reporting.

Our measurements are based on the following concepts:

  • User data: We measure the demographic, geographic metrics, visit times and devices use. This allows us to optimize campaigns, improving bids and activating campaigns in the hours, devices and segmentations of higher conversion and engagement.
  • Campaigns Data, ad’s groups and ads: In this part, we look at the several factors performance such as the conversions, % conversion, CTR level and the ads and words quality. We will use the data to optimize the ads, review the landing pages to be able to discard keywords that are not of interest or with which the expected result is not being obtained.
  • Data from visits within the web: another metric to consider is the user’s behaviour within the web. We analyze the user’s data in the destination pages to try to know if the user obtains the necessary information that is requesting, or if, on the contrary, the user is having difficulties or is accessing contents that are not as related as a priori may seem. After an exhaustive data review, we reacted with the changes’ test or more specific landings creation to obtain higher quality visits.
  • Product performance data: With the implementation of improved e-commerce tools we have access to product productivity data. This allows us to improve and optimize key products to obtain good results.
Lead Generation

With all this, we get a better optimization to achieve our primary objective, which is to obtain an appropriate return on investment (ROI) rate for each client and the characteristics of his product or service and the market to which it belongs.


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