Sales marketing: 5 points in which you should not look for “bargains” if you want to get good results

January sales have already arrived, and everyone is looking to save some money by buying what they want or need at a better price through discounts, offers and bargains.

In the marketing world there are also “great bargains”, but these are not always what they seem. If you want to get your results, you must be careful and know where you can optimize your budget and where you should not make cuts.

1. Investment: As you surely know, in crisis times, the primary trend is to reduce investment in marketing. Companies seek to reduce their expenses, cutting in the first instance, their marketing budgets and thus decreasing the investment in ads for their brands. However, this is not the right strategy. To a brand, marketing is the window to the world, the connection point with its potential customers. If this door closes to avoid losses or try to apply miraculous formulas, in most cases what is obtained are even more negative results.

2. Team: “That can be made by my nephew who knows of computer science and has Facebook.” What does that phrase say? When a company prefers to hire the services of a “cheap” profile, so to speak, it ends up getting poor quality work. A good job takes time and more if it is a specialised job, carried out by trained specialists. A good team is not synonymous with expensive since it will be the most qualified to help you optimise your budget and achieve your goals so that the benefits will compensate for the investment.

Marketing de rebajas equipo cualificado

3. Tools: Every day new tools emerge, facilitating the advertising agencies work and marketing teams. The use of the correct tools means a great time saving, since the work processes are optimized and, in addition, new knowledge is acquired that can be applied on a day-to-day basis. A free version of a tool is the perfect option to be able to test and verify its possibilities. However, working with free versions on a continuous basis is counterproductive due to its limitations. Therefore, hiring good marketing tools in the long run means multiple benefits for brands and customers.

4. Campaigns optimisation: “The other agency carries out my campaigns for much less per month”. Then we assure you that they will not be carried out as they should be. The launching an online campaign exercise, whether of SEM or Social Media, is not based solely on its launch. It requires, in the first place, a correct approach and strategy remaining in tune with the rest of the actions that are carried out, followed by adequate programming and implementation, as well as a subsequent follow-up and analysis.

From the ads review to maximise the budget, the inclusion of new search terms like keywords, the blocking of negative keywords, bid adjustments or the market trends study to know how they affect our impressions. All this involves a daily work allowing to measure and analyse the actions that are carried out, making the corresponding adjustments to obtain in this way the estimated results with the established budget.

Marketing de rebajas ROI

5. Content: “Is it known who wrote this?” Nobody likes to hear that phrase, and this happens when the person who has made the content may not have been able to allocate all the resources that should, either by lack of time or budget. Good content, whether for a web page or an article in a blog, needs an adequate wording, with a structure and focused on the objective to be achieved. Not only is it necessary for the text to be readable, but it also needs to be focused on SEO, position the keyword on which it is based, etc. Therefore, if you do not want your website to be mumbo-jumbo and it appears before page 10 of Google, hire specialists to take care of it.

Good results require dedication, knowledge and perseverance. These three values should not mean allocating an unaffordable investment to your future project, but you should always bear in mind that there are no miracle formulas or shortcuts, so it is better to have a good team by your side to help you achieve your goals instead of the promise of reaching your goal soon.


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