Trends in social networks for 2019

Although it is true that every month, we are seeing new changes in the environment to social networks, some very important, it is worth to have a good time to talk about trends in social networks for 2019 that will be sooner than later everyone’s lips.

Nowadays, more than 25 and a half million Spaniards are social networks users, and each user can identify an average of almost 9 different social networks (ah, does it mean that there was something beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)? It seems that yes).

Also, as they warned us in mid-2018 from IAB with its Annual Study of Social Networks, YouTube and Instagram are the social networks that have reached more users in a year, and Instagram is the channel growing more in users’ number.

We do not have the crystal ball (wish we had it!!) To show us what will happen, but it is true that, with the information and previous experience with which we have, we can define what will be the trends in social networks in the short and medium term.

So … There they go!

“More than 25 and a half million Spaniards are social networks users, and each user can identify an average of almost 9 different social networks”

Trends in social networks for 2019

1. Instagram, the Social Media Queen. As we have already commented, Instagram is and will continue to be the social networks queen during this year. Its constant changes and innovations improve the user experience more and more, which makes it the best valued social network and which, moreover, is one of the most frequently visited.

2. The rise of social video. It is a reality that we have become accustomed to seeing all the contents in video. The Snapchat appearance gave the green light to the Stories on Instagram and its transfer to Facebook and later video platforms such as Facebook Watch or IGTV that increasingly gain ground previously belonging to YouTube. In addition, streaming video is working very well, so it is important that it also has a place in the marketing strategies of brands and influencers. And we must not forget that the videos format has changed completely: now it is vertical, short and very creative.

3. 360º video. To offer the user the possibility of enjoying a complete experience, of participating in the video, makes it easier for the user to spend a much longer time interacting with the brand, trying to visualize all the details and being part of the adventure. Brands like Red Bull are already doing it, but it is still something very new. Do you dare with it?

4. Social E-Commerce. To the corporative webs with online purchase like Amazon and other big distributors, the possibility of buying articles in social networks is added. We have already seen an advance in the Facebook Marketplace and the purchase by IG Stories (with link to the seller’s website), but it seems that this year we can directly buy our favorite products through social networks without having to resort to a web with a payment gateway to process them. This is a breakthrough that will have its peak during this year and that will greatly facilitate the user’s lives, and brands (especially for small and medium-sized companies).

5. Collaboration with influencers and microinfluencers. Many brands already incorporate into their marketing budgets a budget item to carry out their strategy with influencers, but until now they had not given great importance to those known as microinfluencers. These are profiles with fewer followers than those of the influencers, but they generate a great interaction because they are more faithful to their values and tastes, which they share with most of their followers, increasing, in turn, their fidelity.

6. Podcast. Although the first time we heard about the podcast was back in 2005, it is now that there are more followers. We take the opportunity to watch and listen to contents while we eat, exercise, go on the subway, travel … So, why would not the podcast be one of the best formats to include in your marketing strategy in 2019? Yes, if the content is not recycled from your blog, but instead would a complementary channel entertaining, enjoyable and offering to listeners useful and quality information

7. Smart chatbots and instant messaging. It is true that until very recently the chats in which there was no real person behind to assist you, as in the case of the famous “Irene” from Renfe, were totally frustrating. However, this will happen less and less because soon artificial intelligence will have improved so much that we will be surprised by the answers and problems’ resolution will give to us, hopefully, 24 hours a day. Also, WhatsApp Business will have more and more activity and allow users to communicate comfortably with companies and services to ensure customer a top service.

8. Continuous investment in Social Ads. Of course, this trend could not be lacking: Since some of the most used social networks by users changed the feeds in a way to prioritize the family and friend’s contents over those of brands and pages that do not generate much interest.  The only way to expand the reach is by investing in them.  The difference is that each time more formats and types of ads are introduced, which will allow us to offer the user an advertising experience that is increasingly original and adapted to their needs and desires.

9. Humanise the content. Have you ever noticed that when some people your team or customers appear your content, the publications work infinitely better? Well, that is what we are talking of, because behind any entity there is always a team of people who watch over their clients, who think about what they can do to meet their needs and who try to perform their work in an increasingly better way. We all know it, and that’s why, when we show our most human side, we are launching into the likes and comments. Let’s never forget it!

What do you think of these trends in social networks for 2019? We are already prepared to face what is coming, to evolve together with each social network and to learn from the new challenges that come to us in the coming months. Would you accompany us?


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