SEO trends for 2020

For a few years, SEO strategies have become very important, especially in the search for positioning in the Google network where 90% of internet user searches occur. As you know every year Google is making updates to its search algorithm to try to be more accurate with the results it shows to users. In addition, we have seen how mobile devices and everything around them are increasingly important, to the point that the Google robot that runs through our website and our content crawl as if it were a mobile device. All this precedes the first of the trends we want to name.

Search by voice or AI commands

The latest changes in Google’s algorithm have been aimed at strengthening the services of attendees such as Alexa, Siri and of course, Google itself. This year, a new update called Bert was introduced, which wanted the algorithm to understand the searches context better to improve accuracy and try to offer the user the answer to their pursuit as quickly as possible. These results are given in several ways; one of them is the well-known zero result of the Google SERP. It is a result appearing before any position of the SERP and  Google highlights especially. It all started with currency conversion calculator answers. But now Google can show us outstanding solutions to the question we are asking. And also it is usually accompanied by another block where related items appear that can help us better understand the concept we are looking for, without having to enter any website. Another phenomenon in which Google helps to show relevant information of what we are looking for is rich snippets. They are outstanding fragments appearing alongside our metadata in the SERP. There are prominent texts in different ways depending on the market type to which the search refers. An obvious example usually appears when we are looking for a product that we want to buy, and Google offers us the data of stock, price and product score (as long as it is available on the corresponding website). For all this, our SEO strategy must be based on answering questions users in our sector may have and try to ensure the content is of quality and has interaction with social networks. With that, we will wait to have luck. The algorithm Google highlights us in one of its 0 results.

Descriptive images

The images is an element that Google has always taken into account and from where we can get enough traffic if we get our image to appear well positioned in the results of Google images or as a companion to the text of some result 0. This year the results of Image search will become even more important, since the search engine company is very strong in finding an AI that is able to detect the content of an image and help us find what we want in it or even be able to edit images with artificial intelligence support. In all smartphones,  both Android with apple we can make use of one of the latest applications launched by Google, with the name of Google lens , this application allows us to choose an image from which we want to extract certain information and process it. You have several options: multimedia content or product search similar to the one that appears in the image, translation of some text, extraction of text that appears in the image to be able to copy it to the clipboard and to be able to do the search or use the content for another purpose and even look for a restaurant that has the food that appears in the image. Since then Google has placed a lot of emphasis on improving the image result page by adding better filters to find the image we want or to introduce advertising for products related to the image sought. Therefore, it is important that we accompany our image content that explains the accompanying content and, above all, that names and fill in the information correctly on our web platform.

The SSRR’ king: the videos

Videos are another multimedia element that has been of great importance in web users for many years. Many people spend hours and hours watching videos on YouTube or on social networks for different purposes, be it searching for manuals, comparisons, tutorials or just looking for a moment of entertainment. The recording quality is becoming less important and creativity, clarity and duration of these, gain more strength. In the society, we are currently we always seek to have what we need, but as quickly as possible, so we do not want long videos having information excess. Still, we are looking for an information source offering us clear, visually attractive information. With that in a few minutes, we solve the doubts we have. Also, Google has implemented at the end of 2019, some special schema org to add to our web videos for obtaining more information than we want to show in that video, and to be able to enrich the search results with this information / search / docs / data-types / video? hl = en

Local commerce or SEO business

Another of the legs that will gain strength in this 2020 in our SEO strategy is the aspect of the commercial premises. More and more people are using Google maps or other map applications to search for new restaurants, make a list of the sites they want to visit or search for the contact phone number. That is why it is very important that we have well filled in all the data of our stores in  go to my  business and that we take advantage of all the tools that this Google space can offer us. In 2019 Google has given a great importance to this platform and has endowed it with great advantages for users. It has included the possibility of creating a very simple and fast website for those businesses that cannot invest in having a new website, has included a chat function to be able to talk with people interested in our business, has created a space where we can create publications of interest to our users as if it were a question of an RRSS and finally it also offers us a section to highlight certain services, promotions or products. To all this we must add that in some countries the new function of the Google assistant is already active, how much it helps us to make a reservation in a restaurant, in a hairdressing salon or any company that has a reservation service. Therefore, it is important to be in the Google networks with our information completed so that the assistant finds our business and can establish a call with us.

In conclusion, we want to show you the importance of artificial intelligence, which is the technology having the most growth potential in the coming years, and that will help us to have a simpler life. Therefore, we must analyse the new ways of interacting with users with the devices and with the search results to implement a strategy allowing us to appear prominently in the results of the Google SERP. All this we must accompany with the methods we were already using. We must not forget the contents must be useful and of quality for the users of our website,  trying to solve their concerns and meet their needs. For this, not only is important the online channel as we have seen above, but we have to think about an omnichannel strategy by which we are in continuous interaction with the user from the very moment he searches until he enters our stores, or his order arrives online. It is always good to accompany our SEO strategies with other channels such as email marketing or automation and advertising campaigns for both search and display.


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