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Tik tok inaugurates its advertising platform for agencies – Run that you miss it Hola

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Tik tok inaugurates its advertising platform for agencies – Run that you miss it

In recent months there has been talk and much of one of the social networks that is attracting the most followers at this time, is the already super famous TikTok. Now this company takes one more step to face Facebook and Google by creating its own advertising platform for any company. If you belong to an agency, you will also have the possibility of creating a business manager to include the advertising accounts of all your clients.

How to create an advertising account and business manager?

To start you just have to go to your business ads page and click to start.

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In the next step, you must complete the registration form with some information about your company, email, name, etc. and then validate the mail. Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to access your advertising account.

Once inside your account you will be able to create a business manager where you can host your clients’ accounts and even yours. To do this, you must go to the “Business center” section, it is the icon that appears on the top right in the shape of a briefcase.


In the next tab, all that remains is to click on the create button and fill in a small form with the name of the “business center”, the schedule and put an icon on the account.



Now you can add as many advertising accounts as necessary, but remember that the advertising account must be created and validated for this.

How to request the validation of an advertising account?

If you have followed the steps in this post, you will have your advertising account created and now you just have to start the validation process. To get to the validation step, the first thing to do is enter the advertising account and once there you click on the user icon and then click on account information. Now you will only have the last step of filling in the form with all the information they ask for, this form is quite extensive and you will have to provide legal documents of the company to be able to process its validation.


We attach a video so you can write down everything you need.

How to create the TikTok pixel and conversion event?

Before starting the campaigns, the first thing you should do is have the entire web tracked to be able to evaluate the campaigns and know what works best and where to improve. To create our first TikTok pixel we have to go to the section called “Assets”, the steps to follow within this section are very simple, since the pixel installation is done by itself connecting the tag manager account in which you want insert the tracking code. To start the creation process you just have to choose what type of application you want to track, in our case we have marked the website.


Now all the pixels that you have created will appear, if it is the first time you enter here, everything will appear empty. Click on the create pixel button and follow the steps of the form, at the end you will have to give access to tag manager so that it implements the code directly.



To know if the whole process has been completed correctly, TikTok has released a Chrome extension where you can verify the activation of the pixel and the data record.

Finally, it will only be necessary to create the conversion event, unlike other social networks and advertising tools we will not have a code to register the conversion with the custom tag manager activated. In this case, we must have a thank you landing page to track purchases or form submissions.



How to create a campaign on TikTok?

If you already have experience in creating advertising campaigns on Facebook, this system will be very familiar to you. The first thing is to choose the type of campaign you want to do: reach, traffic, conversions, install application or video views. This part is the same as in Facebook Ads. The following will be the configuration of the ad group and as in the previous section the options are the same as in the Facebook platform. You can choose the ad placement, language, user interests, segment by demographics, target your own audiences, schedule ads to appear at certain times, set the ad CPC and finally the cost of the ad group. . Once everything is completed you will reach the last step where you can create your ad, for the traffic campaign you can use an image or a video.

With all this you can now open your own account on TikTok and start earning money through this platform that is so fashionable.


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