Marketing Update: Check your level to start the new academic year

Information is power and for this we must be in a continuous process of updating. If this happens in real life, not to mention what happens in the world of marketing. Agencies, media and professionals in the sector must be first cousins ​​of Google and know the latest in tools, market trends, updates and more.

It is true that there is always something that you already knew but that someone has given to rename and it further dislodges your schemes. But don’t worry: that’s what books, the internet and the continuous competition are for that forces us to stay on the crest of the wave.

Under the premise that September is the real new year, we want to review the terms related to the sector that have caught our attention lately. Acronyms, concepts and marketinian genius (some new and others that you may already know) that will help you to know if you are IN or OUT.

  1. TOM: Top of Mind. In Spanish “Notoriety” is the term used to designate the effectiveness of the brand in generating a powerful memory and positioning itself in the consumer’s mind.
  2. TOH: Top of Heart. It is the term we use to designate the emotional bond of the consumer with the Brand, based on esteem, value, trust and respect. What we could also call connection or engagement.
  3. MarTech Stack or Marketing Technology Stack: Diagram representing the Digital Marketing management flow (channels, actions, content). As well as the technological architecture that supports it (tools, programs, software)
  4. D2C: Direct to consumer. It is the process of selling a brand’s product or service directly to the final consumer. In addition, without intermediaries, distributors or any other type of external seller. However, if you include sales representatives, web portals or your own points of sale.
  5. Digital First Marketing: Philosophy that implies taking the digital environment as a reference to develop any act, campaign or marketing action. It goes hand in hand with concepts such as “digital transformation” or “lean Company”
  6. Clustering: Methodology based on grouping a set of elements in other subsets called “Clusters”. It is what we know as segmentation.
  7. O2O: It is an acronym for Online to Offline, and vice versa, which is used to speak of the multi-channel approach that makes a company offer the user the option of buying their product or service virtually or online.
  8. ROB: Return of Brand or Return in Brand Building. It goes beyond what the ROI would be, since brand equity is a set of both assets and liabilities.
  9. Churn rate: Also known as the “cancellation rate”, it is the percentage of customers or subscribers who stop using the services offered by a company during a certain period of time.
  10. Dark Social: At an analytical level, they are those visits of unknown origin (not set), that we do not know where they come from. It is also called “invisible traffic” and it can be due both to an incorrect tracking of the data and to the channel itself, which for various reasons does not link the data and prevents its monitoring.
  11. Evergreen content: Type of content with no expiration date, which remains impassive over time while still offering valuable content to the user. It is the basis of a good SEO strategy.
  12. F-commerce: Specific electronic commerce in the social network facebook. It is a modality of the so-called Social Commerce. Take advantage of social networks to sell all kinds of products through their own platforms.
  13. SoLoMo: It is the combination of the beginning of three Anglo-Saxon words (Social, Location and Mobile) that is used to refer to the type of user that consumes content from the place where they are through their mobile. It is the main target of local campaigns based on geolocation.
  14. SMarketing: Sales + marketing or the integration of the sales and marketing team in the lead generation strategy, with the aim of turning them into a team that works on the same objectives.
  15. SOV: The Share of Voice or level of participation of an actor (a brand, a company, a user, etc.) in a given channel. It represents the market share or percentage that your company has over the total investment made in your business sector in terms of advertising, promotion, marketing, among others. It is calculated using the formula of Advertising Value of your brand / Market Advertising Value = SOV

How many of these terms did you know? Which of them do you use regularly? Whatever the answer, we hope you liked or at least entertained this article. Don’t miss any of our posts to keep up to date with the latest news in online marketing strategies.


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