5 tips to avoid mistakes in your Black Friday campaign

Black Friday is not only a great day of sales for most shops, brands and businesses around the world. Behind the “Black Friday”, days of hard work are hidden in the agencies and marketing companies in which creatives, designers, programmers and of course, clients, join forces to prepare the be, possibly, the biggest campaign of the year.

If you want to make sure you do not leave any loose ends, today we give you some keys to prepare your campaigns this Black Friday of 2019 without errors:

1. Organization, gentlemen

If planning things, there is always a risk that Murphy’s law will be followed, and a thousand contingencies usually arise; imagine if there is no kind of forecast. On this day, where everything should work, so that nothing fails, and most importantly, that nothing is forgotten. For this, we recommend:

  •         Organize the different tasks by client and by area. How many creativities will we need? What customers are you going to campaign? Will it last only one day or will it be a week? Will we make discounts on the entire web or will it be with a discount coupon?
  •         Plan the times. Apart from Black Friday, the day to day of an agency is full of tasks, scheduled and unforeseen, so you have to take into account how this extra workload will affect the company pace so that we ensure the job well done.
  •         Pose a strategy. The Black Friday goal is to make our customers sell as much as possible. But like us, the rest of the world will do it, so we will need a good strategy if we want to succeed.

2. Stay ahead the big day

Most companies use all their resources during Black Friday. However, the previous days are a great opportunity to campaign to attract traffic and get potential users who then end up becoming remarketing. Another option is to generate contact lists to offer an advance or private sale, among other options.

In the case of Adwords, during Black Friday the bids of certain keywords exceed the usual average CPC, so raising certain strategies the previous days, when the bids are not so high, will help us to provide a niche market that that day will be saturated, in addition to lower costs.

3. Program the campaigns

If you schedule your campaigns, you will not only save work during the big day but also avoid mistakes at the end. If you set the end date, you will avoid leaving campaigns active with “Black Friday” messages once the date has passed and you discover them days or weeks later, having consumed the precious budget.

We also recommend, even if it seems obvious, to do independent Black Friday campaigns, mainly in Adwords. Even if you have the desire to take advantage of a campaign history already underway, you must name them properly to be able to analyse the data correctly and not detract from those campaigns that are already working correctly.

ecommerce black friday

4. Think about what comes next: Cyber Monday is coming

“Black Friday” passes and you go home calmly, satisfied with the job well done, relaxed after so much stress but … What happens with Cyber Monday? Has no one thought about it? OMG!

Do not panic. As we have followed the steps in this post, we have left it ready. The Black Friday campaigns will end, and the machinery will be launched to activate Cyber Monday. One more phase that we must consider organizing the workload, plan tasks and programs campaigns.

5. It’s over … Now what?

Once Black Friday ends, there is a fear that sales will plummet and not go back until Christmas arrives. However, we must assess a large amount of data we have obtained:

  •         Take advantage of all the traffic obtained. You can study our users’ behaviours and propose future strategies based on the best-selling products, for example, or the campaign’s performance.
  •         Poses remarketing actions. It is time to impact those users who were left wanting to acquire some of your products. They are potential sales that you can finish converting before they get cold.
  •         Improve your reviews. What better way to ask your users to value their purchases and leave positive feedback on your website? In this way, you will prepare the ground for future buyers who look at the opinions of your business to finally opt for you or not.

We hope this post has helped you to plan this Black Friday or any other important date, such as sales or Christmas since the basic concepts of these tips are applicable in any campaigns type. The world of advertising is an endless career so … We continue!


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