The 10 key digital marketing tools for everyday use

There are thousands of digital marketing tools. But from Multiconversion we show you the ones that must necessarily be installed on your computer since they will facilitate and help you in your everyday work.

Next, we will divide the tools according to the areas of digital marketing:


This tool allows you to analyze the SEO status (organic positioning) of your website compared to the online competition. It shows the keywords and URLs that are positioned, as well as the volume of searches and the competition, existing for them. Also, it carries out SEO audits and generates a list of errors, according to the level of priority, so that you can solve the problems detected easily.
With a single click, you can download this SEO on-page auditor that will help you detect and correct your website errors. Track all content, internal links, external links, URLs that make up your website, meta tags, h1 and h2, images and code files.

Web analytics and results reporting

It is the par excellence analytical tool in the online world, with which you can analyze everything occurring on your website, the metrics encompassing online analytics, from visits, user behavior, conversion goals and, with all this, you can make decisions to implement them in your marketing strategies, as well as improve the usability of your website.
From different sources of information, such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, social networks, etc., you can generate customized dashboards. Our advice is that you should create these dashboards to keep a daily and monthly tracking of the primary analysis metrics.


Do you have to make many changes in Google Adwords, upload bids in bulk, enter negative keywords, change the text of the ad…? This tool is the best option to reduce your time and is much more efficient. Also, all changes are made offline. Therefore, if you make mistakes, you can go back, an inconvenience that Google Adwords has.
If you have an online store with a wide variety of products and attributes, this is the ideal tool to generate countless campaigns in Google Adwords. From a feed with all products and rules data, Optmyzr will automatically create thousands of campaigns, keywords, and ads in your Google Adwords account with all possible combinations according to the characteristics of the products.

E-mail marketing

It is the e-mail marketing tool allowing you to format and send emails in bulk to your database. Thanks to the creation of campaigns through combinations of lists and rules, you can generate segments to send emails to.
If in your marketing strategy you make massive mailings to your contacts, go a step further: create inbound marketing strategies with this action automation tool. So you can segment the contacts according to their behavior and send them personalized content according to their interaction level with your website and your emails.

Social Media

It is the platform managing your social networks. In it, you will find the functionalities any community manager needs: it programs the publications in the different social networks, it monitors the results of the published posts, it answers immediately from Hootsuite to the feedbacks and filter by hashtag and it sees what is said of your brand.
This tool will allow you to manage and control all the information on Twitter. Among others, you can track all the interaction appearing on your Twitter profile, such as feedbacks, hashtags, mentions or messages. You also will be able to schedule your Tweets and answer quickly.

These are just some of the digital marketing tools that cannot be missing in a marketing department since they all promote efficiency and help monitor and improve results.

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