Marketing in education: Differential strategies at the service of schools, colleges and universities

Currently, we are in the Digitalization Age, meaning that both children parents who are going to enter a new school, as well as students who are going to study for obtaining a degree or postgraduate, turn to the Internet to find the most appropriate option for his/her studies.

For this reason, schools, colleges, universities, and training centers, use marketing agencies to be present in the online environment. With a single search on Google, you can check many educational offers presented by this search engine.

The education sector is divided into two market niches: schools and universities or postgraduate centers. Each of them has its own public, but both have a primary objective: to get new students to their centers.

It is important to note that this sector is temporary, since it depends on the registration dates for the new course and, therefore, has little time to get filling all its available places.

This last feature is that with which the marketing strategy in education begins, which is divided into the following phases:

marketing en educación_familia

Phase 1 – Visibility: Before the registrations are opened

The actions for this phase have the goal of communicating to potential clients the moment of registration is approaching. At this point it is imperative to convey to users what the center offers, as well as a value proposition, differentiating it from the competition, and communicating it through different channels:

  • Newsletter: for this, it is essential to get a database according to the profile of the center target audience, to show them through emails “why choose your center.”
  • Facebook Ads: through this platform you can create segments and launch ads in image or video format, giving visibility to the center in this social network.
  • Adwords Display: it consists of creating sections according to the target audience (demographic data and interests) and showing them ads in images.

Phase 2 – Capture new leads: Open requests

In this phase, the target audience is in a stage of searching and comparing the training offer. Therefore, the main action is to be present in all online channels and communicate or offer promotions or benefits that become a value proposition so that potential customers are especially interested in the center and interact with it, either by going to the facilities, sending information requests or by calling.

  • Search in Adwords: the creation of campaigns serves so that, when someone searches what you offer, you appear in the first search results in Google.

In this case, we must not forget to design a landing page for these ads, to show the user our strong points. And, most importantly, we must offer different ways of contact (form, phone, WhatsApp and email).

  • Facebook Leads: it consists of generating ads with forms so that, with a single click, they can contact the center.

“The main action is to be present in all online channels and communicate or offer promotions or benefits that become a value proposition

marketing en educación_newsletter

Phase 3 – Conversion: Closing of registrations

The primary goal of this point is to cover the places offered through the registrations. After the leads obtained in phase 2, users who have contacted and interested in the center or in the educational degree should be impacted with the following actions:

  • Inbound Marketing through emailing: consists of segmenting the database, generating a content strategy and sending newsletters according to the interest of the achieved lead until the goal is met: registration.
  • Remarketing in Facebook Ads and Google Adwords: to all the users who have interacted in the website, the key is to convince them to register, showing them ads in images.

In Multiconversion we have ample experience in the implementation of marketing strategies in the education area, advising and implementing online actions for different schools and centers

In Multiconversion we have ample experience in the implementation of marketing strategies in the education area, advising and implementing online actions for different schools and centers. Two of our most representative success stories are ADEIT (University-Business Foundation of the Valencia University) and El Plantío international school.

ADEIT, University-Business Foundation of the University of Valencia, is dedicated, among other competencies, to managing adds in different media of the titles of the Valencia University. In recent years, the Multiconversion team has advised and implemented the marketing strategy with different actions to reach the goal of filling the places offered by the different postgraduate courses.

Plantio International School, is a British school, spanning the different educational stages from 2 years old to high school, with a methodology based on practical activities in which the student always works as a team and get acquainted with English from a very early age. Our team has worked to get this school closer to mothers and fathers interested in English-speaking schools.

marketing en educación_colegio

If you are part of the educational sector and want to stand out from the competition, choose Multiconversion and we will advise you and implement a tailored marketing strategy in education. Contact us without compromise, we will be happy to advise you on what you need.

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