Five examples of marketing actions with Instagram and Snapchat filters

Instagram is today one of the most successful social platforms and with the greatest followers´s numbers, both socially and advertising. One of the functions that users like most are the famous “filters”, which still make you look like a model even if you go without makeup and it is 6 in the morning, or you become an adorable puppy or kitten.

Those responsible for the social network announced the first batch of effects for the Instagram Stories camera in June 2018, designed by Ariana Grande, BuzzFeed or the NBA, among others. To be able to find the ones remaining active and apply them to your photos and videos, all you must do is follow some accounts within Instagram.

This functionality began to have its personality when billionaire Kylie Jener developed her filter a few months after the platform statement, thanks to which users could wear lips like her and that, of course, was related to her famous Cosmetics brand  (it was not just a coincidence). A perfect example of how to take advantage of the camera effects of Instagram stories and make this tool an advertising weapon.

In case you need inspiration, today we go one step further showing you several examples of various brands filters that add to this trend helping the marketing of products and services, increases the followers’ number and the online community, improves the buying experience and, ultimately, helps generate experiences in themselves. All are advantages!

Rodolfo Langostino

Pescanova used one of its most iconic characters to through a contest, offering its fans the chance to win a shirt and, at the same time, obtain brand visibility themselves. The filter not only allowed the user to see themselves with the moustaches of the funny shrimp but could interact and “hunt prawns” on the move.

filtro rodolfo langostino


The Springfield fashion firm launched an Instagram filter within its social media strategy. Users could create a t-shirt through this filter (called ‘MyOutfilter’) for which it is necessary to be a follower of the @springfieldmw account. Once the account is followed, you can access the filter.

Its operation was based on converting the user’s photograph into the shirt print, which you should upload to stories, tagging @springfieldmw with the hashtag #MyOutfilter. The most popular t-shirt would be the one sold in Springfield online stores around the world.

Walt Disney Studios

In this case, the source filter was not from the social network of Instagram, but it was on Snapchat where the film producer chose to create a specific filter to promote the second part of the movie “Maleficent”. Of course, the advertising was done through Instagram, perhaps as a platform to reach a broader audience together with giant Facebook.

filtro disney


As we have already mentioned, one of the latest features of Instagram is to allow users to save effects and filters from other accounts for later use. During one of the last storms that hit Spain, Carrefour proposed a filter related their bags’ use as an improvised umbrella and raised a contest to their followers through which to win one of the discount vouchers they raffled.

filtro carrefour


The last example originated in an advertising campaign for Halloween. The user interacted with the product, “snaping” or scanning the Snapchat code coming in each can. There were several models, and each had one of the terrifying filters designed for customers: a witch, a monster, a skull or a vampire, among others. In this way, the brand got not only notoriety but also an increase in its sales.

Surely, you’ve seen many more resources like this surfing the internet. Creative ideas that new technologies put within our reach. And you, what filter would you create? We would not know which one to start with!


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